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| '''Summary'''
|Specifies how often a query will be evaluated. The result is serialized only once, and the measured times are averages of all runs. This option can also be changed on [[Command-Line Options#BaseX Standalone|command line]] via <code>-r</code>.
{{Mark|Introduced with Version 9.0}}:
{| width='100%'
| width='120' | '''Signature'''
|{{Code|ENFORCEINDEX [boolean]}}
| '''Default'''
| '''Summary'''
|Enforces index rewritings in path expressions:
* The option should only be enabled if the addressed databases have all required index structures and are up-to-date.
* It is recommendable to assign the option locally via [[XQuery Extensions#Pragmas|Pragmas]].
Bureaucrats, editor, reviewer, Administrators


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