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'''BaseX: Introduction''' * BaseX for Dummies. Written by Paul Swennenhuis:<br/>[ BaseX for Dummies (Part I)], written by Paul Swennenhuis* [ BaseX for Dummies Part I (Ifiles)], ZIP Package]* [ BaseX for Dummies (Part II)]
* [ BaseX Adventures]. Written by Neven Jovanović
* [ Tutorial]. Written by Imed Bouchrika
* [ XQuery pour les Humanités Numériques] . Written by Farid Djaïdja (French) '''BaseX: Talks, Questions''' * [ Our Annual User Meetings]. Slides and videos* [ Stack Overflow]. Questions tagged with {{Code|basex}}
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'''XML and XQuery''' * [ XML Technologies]; a . Our university course on XML, XPath, XQuery, etc.* [ XQuery Tutorial]; . From W3 Schools* [ XQuery: A Guided Tour]; from . From the book "XQuery from the Experts"* [ BaseX Users Meetups]; slides and examples* [ Stack Overflow]; questions tagged with {{Code|basex}}* [ XQuery Summer Institute]; exercises. Exercises and Answers 
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