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different alternatives to cope with this:
* After the execution of one or more update operations, call the [[Commands#OPTIMIZE|OPTIMIZE]]command or the [[Database Module#db:optimize|db:optimize]] function can becalled to rebuild the index structures. This way, multiple Multiple update operations will be performed faster,as the database meta data is only updated and regeneratedwhen requested by the database users. With * Enable the [[Options#UPDINDEX|UPDINDEX]] optionbefore creating or optimizing the database. As a result, text and attributeindex structures will be incrementally be updated. This option must beturned on before the after each database is created or optimizedupdate.Please note that incremental updates are not available forthe full-text index and database statistics. This is also thereason why the internal up-to-date flag of a database (which can displayed via [[Commands#INFO DB|INFO DB]] or [[Database_Module#db:info|db:info]])will be set to {{Code|false}} until the next optimize call is triggered. If * Enable the [[Options#AUTOOPTIMIZE|AUTOOPTIMIZE]] is activatedoption before creating or optimizing the database. As a result, all outdatedindex structures and statistics will be recreated after a each database update.This Enable this option should only be activated for small or medium-sized databases.Similar to UPDINDEX, it must be turned on before the database is createdor optimized.
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