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This page is one of the [[Main Page|Main Sections]] of the documentation.It gives you a quick brief introduction on how to start, run, and use BaseX. After you have set up BaseX, we suggest that you should start with the [[Graphical User Interface]].
* [[Startup]]: How to get BaseX running
* [[Command-Line Options]]
;User Interfaces
* [[Graphical User Interface]] (see available [[Shortcuts]])
* [[Command-Line Client]]: Use BaseX in your bash
* [[Database Server]]: The client/server architecture
* [[Standalone Mode]]: The comand-line interface
* [[Web Application]]: The HTTP server
* [[DBA]]: Browser-based database administration
;Command Line
* [[Command-Line Options]]
* [[Start Scripts]]
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* [[Databases]]: How databases are created, populated and deleted
* [[Parsers]]: How different input formats can be converted to XML
* [[Commands]]: Full overview of all database commands
* [[Options]]: Listing of all database options
* [[Configuration]]: BaseX start files and directories
;IntegrationEditing XML and XQuery Files
We strongly encourage you to use the [[Graphical_User_Interface#Editor|BaseX Editor]] to run your queries and edit your XML data.<br/>
* [[Integrating oXygen]]
* [[Integrating Eclipse]]
<br/>* [[Integrating IntelliJ IDEA]]</div>
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=Tutorials and Slides=
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'''BaseX: Introduction''' * Tamara Marnell: [ BaseX for Newbies]* Paul Swennenhuis: BaseX for Dummies: [http BaseX for Dummies (Part I)], written by Paul Swennenhuis* [http BaseX for Dummies Part I (Ifiles)], ZIP Package]* [http BaseX for Dummies (Part II)]* Neven Jovanović: [ BaseX Adventures]. Written by Neven Jovanović* Imed Bouchrika: [http Tutorial. Using a native XMLDBS]* Farid Djaïdja: [https://files. Written by Imed XQuery pour les Humanités Numériques] (French)
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'''XML and XQuery''' * [httphttps://w3schoolsfiles.basex.comorg/xquery.xml15/defaultXML Technologies].asp University course on XML, XPath, XQuery Tutorial]; W3 Schools, XSLT, Validation, Databases, etc.* [http XQuery: A Guided Tour]; from . From the book "XQuery from the Experts"* [ BaseX Users Meetups]; slides and examples* [ Stack Overflow]; questions tagged with {{Code|basex}}* [ XQuery Summer Institute]; exercises. Exercises and Answers.<br* [>xml/xquery_intro.asp W3 Schools XQuery Tutorial]. Not affiliated with W3C.
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[[Category'''BaseX:Developer]][[Category:Beginner]]Talks, Questions'''
* [ Our Mailing List]. Join and contribute.
* [ Stack Overflow]. Questions on {{Code|basex}}.
* [ GitHub Issue Tracker]. Confirmed bugs and feature requests.
* [ XML Prague User Meetings]. Slides and videos.
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