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Clarified Perform Queries section, referring to oXygen 17.0 and distinguishing between one-time setup and recurring steps
=Perform Queries=
==One-Time Setup==
===Preparations=== # Download one of the complete [ BaseX distributions] (ZIP, EXE).# Charles Foster's XQJ implementation provides a default (client/server) and a local driver. If you want to use the first flavor, you need to start a [[Startup#BaseX Server|BaseX Server]] instance.
===Configure Data Source=== # Start oXygen and go to select ''Options'' → ''Preferences'' → ''Data Sources''.# Add In the Data Sources section, add a new Data Source with data source using the ''New'' button ({{Code|+}}).# Enter "BaseX-XQJ" as connection name Name and choose select ''XQuery API for Java (XQJ)'' as type.# Add the following JAR files above with the ''AddFiles'' Button: {{Code|xqj-api-1.0.jar}}, {{Code|xqj2-0.2.0.jar}} and {{Code|basex-xqj-1.3.0.jar}} (the versions of the JAR file may differ). If you add the BaseX library as well {{Code|basex7.9basex.jar}}, you can also use the local XQJ driver.# Unter Under "Driver class", choose the default or the local XQJ driver ({{Code|net.xqj.basex.BaseXXQDataSource}} vs. {{Code|net.xqj.basex.local.BaseXXQDataSource}}).# Press Click ''OK''.
===Configure Connection===# Press In the Connections section (in the same Preferences dialog from the Configure Data Source procedure), click ''New'' ({{Code|+}}) in the Connection Panel below. # Enter Name "BaseX" as Name and select "BaseX-XQJ" in the as Data Source box. # If you use the default driver, you need to enter connection detailsthese values in the Connection Details section:#* Portport: {{Code|1984}}#* Server nameserverName: {{Code|localhost}}#* Useruser: {{Code|admin}}#* Passwordpassword: {{Code|admin}}# Now press Click ''OK'', and your to complete the connection is readyconfiguration.# Click ''OK'' again to close the Preferences dialog.
==Usage=Configure New Transformation Scenario===The query execution works as follows: # Configure a new transformation scenario in Select ''Window'' → ''Show View'' → ''Transformation Scenarios''.# Choose Select the ''XQuery Transformationtransformation'' tree entry.# Press the <code>plus</code> sign , and click {{Code|+}} to add a new scenario. #:If this entry does not appear in the tree, click {{Code|+}} and select ''XQuery transformation'' in the dropdown list.
# Enter a Name and an optional XML and XQuery URL (e.g. your query document/file).
# Choose "BaseX" as Transformer from the combo box.
# Press Click ''OK''to complete the scenario configuration. ==Execute Query==After the one-time setup steps are complete, and your execute a query using the transformation scenario is ready. Now you can start Start the transformation, e.g. by clicking on the red ''PlayApply associated scenarios'' buttonin the Transformation Scenarios window. # The results should immediately occur in the result panel. 
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