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* Run one of the {{Code|[[Start_Scripts#Linux.2FMac:_basexhttp|basexhttp]]}} or {{Code|[[Start Scripts#Windows: basexhttp.bat|basexhttp.bat]]}} scripts. Call the script with the {{Code|stop}} keyword to gracefully shut down the server.
* On ''Windows'': Double click on the '''BaseX Server''' or '''BaseX Server (stop)''' icon.
* You BaseX can also deploy BaseX be deployed as a [[Web Application]]* For Maven users: type in {{Code|mvn jetty:run}} in the {{Code|basex-api}} directory, and press {{Code|Ctrl+c}} to shut down the process (see [[Web Application#MavenServlet Container|Web Application: Mavenweb servlet]] for more details).
After that, you can open your browser and navigate to the start page http://localhost:8984.
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