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* The option can also be changed on [[Command-Line Options#BaseX Client|command line]] via <code>-P</code>.
* Please note that it is a security risk to specify your password in plain text.
{{Mark|Introduced with Version 8.0}}:
{| width='100%'
| width='120' | '''Signature'''
|{{Code|AUTHMETHOD [method]}}
| '''Default'''
| '''Summary'''
|Specifies the HTTP Authentication, which is proposed by the HTTP server. Allowed values are {{Code|Basic}} and {{Code|Digest}}.
;Version 8.0
* Added: <code>[[#MIXUPDATES|MIXUPDATES]]</code>, <code>[[#AUTOOPTIMIZE|AUTOOPTIMIZE]]</code>, <code>[[#AUTHMETHOD|AUTHMETHOD]]</code>, <code>[[#XINCLUDE|XINCLUDE]]</code>
* Updated: <code>[[#PROXYPORT|PROXYPORT]]</code>: default set to 0; will be ignored. <code>[[#PROXYHOST|PROXYHOST]]</code>, <code>[[#NONPROXYHOSTS|NONPROXYHOSTS]]</code>: empty strings will be ignored.
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