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{| width='100%'
| width='120' | '''Signatures'''
|{{Func|array:subarray|$array as array(*), $index position as xs:integer|array(*)}}<br/>{{Func|array:subarray|$array as array(*), $index position as xs:integer, $length as xs:integer|array(*)}}
| '''Summary'''
| Constructs a new array with with {{Code|$length}} members of {{Code|$array}} beginning from the specified {{Code|$indexposition}}.<br/>The two-argument version of the function returns the same result as the three-argument version when called with {{Code|$length}} equal to the value of {{Code|array:size($array) - $index position + 1}}.
| '''Errors'''
|{{Error|FOAY0001|#Errors}}: {{Code|$indexposition}} is less than one, or if {{Code|$index position + $length}} is greater than {{Code|array:size($array) + 1}}.<br/>{{Error|FOAY0002|#Errors}}: {{Code|$length}} is less than zero.
| '''Examples'''
Bureaucrats, editor, reviewer, Administrators


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