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In the example below we have the file for the database used in the atrv.basex example above. The first four bytes provide a big-endian integer value of the total number of different attribute values in the index - in this case 4.
The remainder of the file is made up of ID lists. Each list starts on one of the bytes from atvr.basex - in the case of our example there is a list starting on byte at position 8 (counting starting from 0). The first item in the list is a count of the number of attributes will this value - in our case here it's 1. Then the list has the locations of the attributes - in our case there is only one attribute and it's at a position 8. This means that it is offset 8 positions from the beginning of the database (use [[OptionsCommands#InfoINFO_STORAGE|INFO STORAGE]] command to view the order).
<code>00 00 00 04</code><code>[01] 02</code><code>[01] 05</code>'''<code>[01] 08</code>'''<code>[01] 0B</code>
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