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| '''Summary'''
|Chops all leading and trailing Many XML documents include whitespaces from text nodes while building a database, and discards empty text nodesthat have been added to improve readability. The {{Code|CHOP}} option controls the [http://www.w3. org/TR/REC-xml/#sec-white-space white-space processing mode] of the XML parser:* By default, this option is set to {{Code|true}}. This way, leading and trailing whitespaces from text nodes will be chopped, as it often reduces the database size by up to 50%and all empty text nodes will be discarded.* The flag should be turned off if a document contains [[Full-Text#Mixed Content|mixed content]]. It * The flag can also be turned off on [[Command-Line Options#BaseX Standalone|command line]] via <code>-w</code>. * If an XML element has an <code>xml:space='preserve'</code> attribute, chopping will be turned of for all descendant text nodes. For example, in the following document, the whitespaces in the text nodes of the {{Code|text}} element will not be chopped:<pre class="brush:xml"><xml> <title> Demonstrating the CHOP flag </title> <text xml:space='preserve'>What a <b>surprising</b> move!</text></xml></pre>
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