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* {{Code|db:create-backup("DB")}} creates a backup of the database {{Code|DB}}.
{| width='100%'
| width='120' | '''Signatures'''
|{{Func|db:drop-backup|$name as xs:string|empty-sequence()}}
| '''Summary'''
|Drops all backups of the database with the specified {{Code|$name}}. If the given {{Code|$name}} points to a specific backup file, only this specific backup file is deleted. As {{Code|$name}} can be a prefix of an existing backup file, it is also possible to drop, for instance, only backups created on a specific day.
| '''Errors'''
|{{Error|BXDB0002|XQuery Errors#BaseX Errors}} No backup file found.<br/>{{Error|BXDB0011|XQuery Errors#BaseX Errors}} Invalid database name.
| '''Examples'''
* {{Code|db:drop-backup("DB")}} drops all backups of the database {{Code|DB}}.
* {{Code|db:drop-backup("DB-2014-03-13-17-36-44")}} drops the specific backup file {{Code|}} of the database {{Code|DB}}.
* {{Code|db:drop-backup("DB-2014-03-13")}} drops all backups of the database {{Code|DB}} created on March 13th 2014.
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