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Add example on how to bind and use a variable for a Command Script
| '''Examples'''
|<code>$a=1,$b=2</code> &nbsp; binds the values {{Code|1}} and {{Code|2}} to the variables $a and $b<br/><code>a=1,,2</code> &nbsp; binds the value {{Code|1,2}} to the variable $a<br/><code>{URI}a=x</code> &nbsp; binds the value {{Code|x}} to the variable $a with the namespace {{Code|URI}}.<pre class="brush:xml">SET BINDINGS BIND-VAR="hello world!"XQUERY declare variable $BIND-VAR external; $BIND-VAR</pre> &nbsp; binds the value {{Code|hello world!}} to the variable $BIND-VAR and shows how it can be used in a [[Commands#Command_Scripts| Command Script]]. 
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