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|<code>[[Database Module#db:open|db:open()]]</code>
|{{Code|db:open("db", "path/to/docs")}}
|Returns all documents that are found in the database {{Code|db}} at the (optional) path {{Code|path/to/docs}}.
|<code>[ fn:collection()]</code>
|Returns all documents at the location {{Code|path/to/docs}} in the database {{Code|db}}.<br/>If no path is specified after the database, all documents in the database will be returned.<br/>If no argument is specified, all documents of the currently opened database will be returnedthat has been opened in the global context.
|<code>[ fn:doc()]</code>
|Returns the document at the location {{Code|path/to/docs}} in the database {{Code|db}}.<br/>An error is raised if the specified addresses does not address exactly one document.
If the [[Options#DEFAULTDB|DEFAULTDB]] option is turned on, the path argument of the {{Code|fn:doc}} or {{Code|fn:collection}} function will first be matched against the globally opened database. Two more functions are available to extract for retrieving information on database information of a nodenodes:
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