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* Fields are represented via {{Code|<entry>}} elements. The value of a field is represented as text node.
* If the {{Code|header}} option is set to {{Code|true}}, the first text line is parsed as table header, and the {{Code|<entry>}} elements are replaced with the field names:
** Empty names are represented by a single underscore ({{Code|_}}), and characters that are not valid in element names are replaced with underscoresor (when invalid as first character of an element name) prefixed with an underscore.
** If the {{Code|lax}} option is set to {{Code|false}}, invalid characters will be rewritten to an underscore and the character’s four-digit Unicode, and underscores will be represented as two underscores ({{Code|__}}). The resulting element names may be less readable, but can always be converted back to the original field names.
* If {{Code|format}} is set to {{Code|attributes}}, field names will be stored in name attributes.
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