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This XQuery Module provides functions for converting HTML to XML. Conversion will only take place if TagSoup is included in the classpath (see HTML Parsing for more details).


All functions and errors in this module are assigned to the namespace, which is statically bound to the html prefix.



Signatures html:parser() as xs:string
Summary Returns the name of the applied HTML parser (currently: TagSoup). If an empty string is returned, TagSoup was not found in the classpath, and the input will be treated as well-formed XML.


Signatures html:parse($input as xs:anyAtomicType) as document-node()
html:parse($input as xs:anyAtomicType, $options as map(*)?) as document-node()
Summary Converts the HTML document specified by $input to XML and returns a document node:
  • The input may either be a string or a binary item (xs:hexBinary, xs:base64Binary).
  • If the input is passed on in its binary representation, the HTML parser will try to automatically choose the correct encoding.

The $options argument can be used to set TagSoup Options.

Errors parse: the input cannot be converted to XML.


Introduced with BaseX 9.4:

Signatures html:doc($uri as xs:string?) as document-node()?
html:doc($uri as xs:string?, $options as map(*)?) as document-node()?
Summary Fetches the HTML document referred to by the given $uri, converts it to XML and returns a document node. The $options argument can be used to set TagSoup Options.
Errors parse: the input cannot be converted to XML.


Basic Example[edit]

The following query converts the specified string to an XML document node.

<html xmlns=""/>

Specifying Options[edit]

The next query creates an XML document with namespaces:

html:parse("<a href='ok.html'/>", map { 'nons': false() })
<html xmlns="">
    <a shape="rect" href="ok.html"/>

Parsing Binary Input[edit]

If the input encoding is unknown, the data to be processed can be passed on in its binary representation. The HTML parser will automatically try to detect the correct encoding:

<html xmlns="" class="client-nojs" dir="ltr" lang="en">
    <title>Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</title>
    <meta charset="UTF-8"/>


Code Description
parse The input cannot be converted to XML.


Version 9.4
Version 9.0
  • Updated: error codes updated; errors now use the module namespace

The module was introduced with Version 7.6.