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Welcome to the Query Portal, which is one of the Main Sections of this documentation. BaseX provides an implementation of the W3 XPath and XQuery languages, which are tightly coupled with the underlying database store. However, the processor is also a flexible general purpose processor, which can access local and remote sources. High conformance with the official specifications is one of our main objectives, as the results of the XQuery Test Suite demonstrate. This section contains information on the query processor and its extensions:

XQuery 3.0 and XQuery 3.1

Features of the new XQuery Recommendations.

XQuery Extensions

Specifics of the BaseX XQuery processor.

Module Library

Additional functions included in the internal modules.

Java Bindings

Accessing and calling Java code from XQuery.


Install and manage XQuery and Java modules.


How to use BaseX as a full-fledged full-text processor.


Updating databases and local resources via XQuery Update.


Available index structures and their utilization.


Serialization parameters supported by BaseX.


Errors raised by XQuery expressions.