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This XQuery Module contains functions for accessing specific WebSocket functions and setting attributes on a WebSocket connection. This module is mainly useful in the context of WebSockets.


  • The basex-api package must be included in the classpath. This is always the case if you use one of the complete distributions (zip, exe, war) of BaseX.
  • All functions and errors are assigned to the http://basex.org/modules/websocket namespace. The module must be imported in the query prolog:
import module namespace websocket = "http://basex.org/modules/websocket";



Signatures websocket:broadcast($message as xs:anyAtomicType) as empty-sequence()
Summary Broadcasts message which may be of type xs:string, xs:base64Binary, or xs:hexBinary to all connected members except to the caller.


Signatures websocket:id() as xs:string
Summary Returns the ID of the current WebSocket connection.


Signatures websocket:path() as xs:string
Summary Returns the path of the current WebSocketClient. If the $id parameter is set, the path of a specific user with the ID $id will be returned.

Usage Tips