User Management

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User Management

Admin permissions are needed to execute one of the following processes.

Creating user 'test' with password 'test'

> CREATE USER test test

As global permissions, you can set 'none', 'read', 'write', 'create' and 'admin':

Revoking all global permissions from user 'test'

> GRANT none TO test

Valid local permissions are 'none', 'read' and 'write':

Granting write permission on database 'factbook' to user 'test'

> GRANT write ON factbook TO test

Note: Local permissions overwrite global permissions. As a consequence, the 'test' user will only be allowed to access (i.e., read and write) the 'factbook' database. If no local permissions are set, the global rights are inherited.

Showing global permissions


Showing local permissions on database 'factbook'

> SHOW USERS ON factbook

Dropping of user 'test'

> DROP USER test

Permissions hierarchy

In the permission hierarchy the higher permission contains all underlying rights. For example if you have the permission 'write' you also have the permission 'read'.

Permissions hierarchy

Commands and Permissions table

In this table you can see an overview about the BaseX commands and the permission you need to execute the command. Without the needed permission an error is thrown and the command will not be executed.

Command Description Needed Permission
close Closes currently opened database. None
exit Exits BaseX. None
get Returns a property value. None
help Shows the help texts. None
password Changes password of currently logged-in user. None
set Sets a property value. None
xquery Executes a xquery function without database access. None
info Shows information about the currently opened database. Read
list Shows all available databases. Read
open Opens a database. Read
xquery Executes a read-only xquery function with database access. Read
add Adds documents to the currently opened database. Write
create index Creates the specified index. Write
delete Deletes documents from the currently opened database. Write
drop index Drops the specified index. Write
optimize Optimizes the database structure and renews the indexes. Write
xquery Executes a xquery update function. Write
alter db Renames a database. Create
create db Creates a database. Create
drop db Drops a database. Create
export Exports the database content. Create
alter user Changes the password of an user. Admin
create users Creates a new user. Admin
drop user Drops an user. Admin
grant Assigns permissions to users. Admin
kill Kills an user session on the server. Admin
show Shows different server information. Admin