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This XQuery Module adds updating functions.


All functions in this module are assigned to the http://basex.org/modules/update namespace, which is statically bound to the update prefix.



Updated with Version 9.0: formerly db:output.

Signatures update:output($result as item()*) as empty-sequence()
Summary This function can be used to both perform updates and return results in a single query. The argument of the function will be evaluated, and the resulting items will be cached and returned after the updates on the pending update list have been processed. As nodes may be updated, they will be copied before being cached.
The function can only be used together with updating expressions; if the function is called within a transform expression, its results will be discarded.
  • update:output("Prices have been deleted."), delete node //price deletes all price elements in a database and returns an info message.


Updated with Version 9.0: formerly db:output-cache.

Signatures update:output-cache() as item()*
Summary Returns the items that have been cached by update:output. It can be used to check which items will eventually be returned as result of an updating function.
This function is non-deterministic: It will return different results before and after items have been cached. It is e. g. useful when writing unit tests.


Added with Version 9.0.