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The start scripts mentioned in the startup overview are also distributed via the or with the Windows Installer. They can be used for every mode of BaseX and started on every operating system. If you didn't download or can't find them you can use the scripts below.

All modes of BaseX can be started with the following scripts (you might need to modify the path to the BaseX.jar archive in the script):


@echo off

REM Path to this script
set PWD=%~dp0

REM Paths to distributed files or source directories
set BXPATH=basex.jar

REM Options for virtual machine
set VM=-Xmx1g

REM Run BaseX
java -cp "%BXPATH%" %VM% org.basex.XXX %*



# Path to this script
PWD=`dirname $0`

# Paths to distributed files or source directories

# Options for virtual machine

# Run BaseX
java -cp "$BXPATH" $VM org.basex.REPLACEMODE "$@"

Note: Please replace 'REPLACEMODE' in the Java command line with the mode you want to start, which is either BaseXServer, BaseXGUI, or BaseX.