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How to enable database locking.
Locks are not synchronized between multiple BaseX instances. We generally recommend working with the client/server architecture if concurrent write operations are to be performed.
==How to enable==
There is a hidden option {{Code|DBLOCKING}} which is set to {{Code|false}} (disabling database locking) by default. You can enable it using the latest [ developer release] by editing your {{Code|.basex}} file and setting it to true. For disabling it again, set it to false.
Database currently is disabled if using the BaseX Gui.
As XQuery is a very powerful language, deciding which databases will be accessed by a query is non-trivial. Optimization is work in progress. Databases locked by a query are listed in the GUI's [[GUI#Visualizations|Info View]] and on the command line client if [[Options#QUERYINFO|QUERYINFO]] is set. If you think too much is locked, please give us a note on our [ mailing list] with some example code.
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