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| '''Summary'''
|By default, characters from external sources that are invalid in XML will trigger an error. If the option is set to <code>false</code>, these characters will be replaced with the Unicode replacement character <code>FFFD</code> (&#xFFFD;). The option affects [[Java Bindings]] and string conversion and input functions such as [[Archive Module#archive:create|archive:create]], [[Archive Module#archive:extract-text|archive:extract-text]], [[Archive Module#archive:update|archive:update]], and [[ZIP Module#zip:text-entry|zip:text-entry]].
{| width='100%'
| width='120' | '''Signature'''
|{{Code|WRAPJAVA [mode]}}
| '''Default'''
| '''Summary'''
|Defines the way how values that result from Java code invocation will be converted to XQuery items (see [[Java_Bindings#Data_Types|Java Bindings]] for further details):
* {{Code|none}}: All Java values will be converted to equivalent XQuery values. If no conversion is possible, an error is raised.
* {{Code|all}}: All Java values will be returned as wrapped Java objects, and can be passed on to further Java functions without conversion.
* {{Code|some}}: Java values of the most common types will be converted to XQuery; others will be returned as wrapped Java object.
;Version 9.6
* Added: {{Option|UNROLLLIMIT}}, {{Option|WRAPJAVA}}
;Version 9.5
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