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| '''Summary'''
|Retrieves the resource located at the specified {{Code|$uri}}, parses it as XQuery module, and generates an xqDoc element. A relative URI will be resolved against the static base URI of the query.<br/>[ xqDoc] provides a simple vendor-neutral solution for generating documentation from XQuery modules. The documentation conventions have been inspired by the JavaDoc standard. Documentation comments begin with {{Code|(:~}} and end with {{Code|:)}}, and tags start with {{Code|@}}. xqDoc comments can be specified for main and library modules and variable and function declarations.<br/>
We have slightly extended the xqDoc conventions to do justice to more recent versions of XQuery (Schema: [http xqdoc-1.1.30052013.xsd]):<br/>
* an {{Code|<xqdoc:annotations/>}} node is added to each variable or function that uses annotations. The xqdoc:annotation child nodes may have additional {{Code|xqdoc:literal}} elements with {{Code|type}} attributes (xs:string, xs:integer, xs:decimal, xs:double) and values.
* a single {{Code|<xqdoc:namespaces/>}} node is added to the root element, which summarizes all prefixes and namespace URIs used or declared in the module.
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