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{{Mark|Updated with Version 9.4:}} {{Code|log}} option added.
{| width='100%'
* {{Code|id}}: sets a custom job id. The id must not start with the standard <code>job</code> prefix, and it can only be assigned if no job with the same name exists.
* {{Code|service}}: additionally registers the job as [[#Services|service]]. Registered services must have no variable bindings.
* {{Code|log}}: writes the specified string to the [[Logging|database logs]]. Two log entries are stored, one at the beginning and another one after the execution of the job.
| '''Errors'''
;Version 9.4
* Updated: {{Function|Jobs|jobs:eval}}: option added.
;Version 9.2
* Deleted: jobs:invoke (merged with [[#jobs:eval{{Function|Jobs|jobs:eval]]}})
;Version 9.1
;Version 8.6
* Updated: [[#jobs:eval{{Function|Jobs|jobs:eval]]}}: <code>id</code> option added.
The module was introduced with Version 8.5.
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