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| '''Summary'''
|Generates the query plan, which can be activated via {{Option|XMLPLAN}}, before or after query compilation. This option can also be activated on [[Command-Line Options#BaseX Standalone|command line]] via <code>-X</code>.
{{Mark|Introduced with Version 9.2:}}
{| width='100%'
| width='120' | '''Signature'''
|{{Code|FULLPLAN [boolean]}}
| '''Default'''
| '''Summary'''
|Attaches the file path, line and column of the expressions in the original query string to the query plan. Values (items and sequences) have no input information attached.
;Version 9.2
* Added: {{Option|RESTXQERRORS}}, {{Option|FULLPLAN}}
* Removed: <code>DOTPLAN</code>, <code>DOTCOMPACT</code>
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