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The BaseX GUI window is divided into various bars and panels.
At the top of the BaseX window, the menu bar resides. It houses all important features of the BaseX GUI. Use the ''Database'' menu to [[Graphical_User_Interface#Database Management|create and manage your XML databases]]. The ''Editor'' menu gives you access to a variety of tools and options for working with files. The ''View'' menu lets you toggle between the bars and panels described below. The ''Vizualization'' menu offers you a comprehensive set of data representations that will help you to understand your data even better. Use the ''Options'' menu to set your preferences regarding realtime execution, colors, fonts and packages.
Right below the menu bar, you can find the ''Buttons'' bar and just below that the ''Input Bar''. The ''Buttons'' bar offers you a wide range of shortcuts, mostly for menu options, such as managing databases and displaying views and visualizations, but also for navigating through your data. With the [[Graphical_User_Interface#Input Bar|''Input Bar'']], you can query your data using three different kinds of query syntax.
The ''Status Bar'' is situated at the bottom of the BaseX window.
The BaseX editor [[Graphical_User_Interface#Editor|Editor]] consists of the ''Project'' view, a file browser with optional input fields for searching files, and the actual ''Editor'' panel with buttons for creating, opening, saving, searching, executing and debugging your files.
To gain further insights into your data, you can choose to display various [[Graphical_User_Interface#Visualizations|visualizations ]] such as ''Map'', ''Tree'', ''Folder'', ''Plot'', ''Table'' and ''Explorer''.
=Database Management=
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