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Depending on your operating system, you can launch a GUI instance of BaseX by double-clicking on the '''BaseX GUI''' start icon (Windows only) or running the <code>basexgui</code> script. Additional startup options are listed in the [[Startup#Graphical User Interface|Startup]] article.
Select In the GUI, select ''Database'' → ''New'' and browse to an XML document of your choice. You can start with the {{Code|factbook.xml}} document, which contains statistical information on the worlds' countries. It is included in our full releases (in the {{Code|etc}} directoryof our [ full distributions] ( ZIP Package and Windows Installer) and or can also be downloaded [ downloadedhere] (1.3 MB). In the ''Create Database'' dialog, specify the path to your input file and the name of the new database. If you type nothing in leave the input file fieldempty, an empty database will be created. Next, choose Click the ''OK'' button, and to create the database will be created.
If no XML document is available, You can also use the GUI's editor can be used to create and edit your own XML documentsdocument. After saving the document to disk, Just specify it can be supplied as input file for the creation of a new database after having saved the databasedocument to disk.
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