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This page is part of the [[Getting Started]] Section. In addition to its standalone console mode, BaseX comes with its own graphical user interface which offers you great tools for managing, querying and visualising your (XML) data.
First of allDepending on your operating system, you can launch a GUI instance of BaseX. Depending on your operating system, by double-click clicking on the '''BaseX GUI''' start icon (Windows only) or run running the <code>basexgui</code> script. Beside that, some more Additional startup options are listed in the [[Startup#BaseX GUIGraphical User Interface|startup optionsStartup]] are availablearticle.
Select ''Database'' → ''New'' and browse to an XML document of your choice. You can start with the {{Code|factbook.xml}} document, which contains statistical information on the worlds' countries. It is included in our full releases (in the {{Code|etc}} directory) and can also be [ downloaded] (1.3 MB). If you type nothing in the input field, an empty database will be created. Next, choose the ''OK'' button, and the database will be created.
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