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# You will be prompted to restart IDEA to load the new plugin.
==Setting Up==
===File Extensions and XQuery Flavor===
* Start IntelliJ IDEA and navigate to ''Settings/Preferences'' either using the ''Configure'' button from the start screen or the ''IntelliJ IDEA'' menu.
* In the Settings/Preferences window, expand the ''Languages & Frameworks'' item, select ''XQuery'' and choose which default file extensions ans which XQuery flavor you would like to use.
==Querying Your Data==
# To create a new project, choose the ''Create new project'' option from the start screen or select ''New''→''Project...'' from the ''File'' menu.
# In the ''New Project'' dialog choose ''Empty Project'' from the left-hand column and click the ''Next'' button.
# Enter a name and location for your project.
# Click ''Finish'' to create the project.
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