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| '''Summary'''
|If this option is turned on, paths specified in the {{Code|fn:doc}} and {{Code|fn:collections}} functions will first be resolved against a database that has been opened in the global context outside the query (e.g. by the [[Commands#OPEN|OPEN]] command). If the path does not match any existing resources, it will be resolved as described in the article on [[Databases#Access Resources|accessing database resources]].
{| width='100%'
| width='120' | '''Signature'''
|{{Code|CACHEQUERY [boolean]}}
| '''Default'''
| '''Summary'''
|Caches the query results before returning them to the client. This option may be set to {{Code|true}} if the whole result is needed for further operations (such as is e.g. the case in the GUI of BaseX).
;Version 8.2
* Removed: <code>EVENTPORT</code>, <code>CACHEQUERY</code>
;Version 8.1
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