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* Since {{Version|8.0}}, With the [[Options#MIXUPDATES|MIXUPDATES]] option is available. All , all updating constraints will be turned off, and . Returned nodes to be returned will be copied before they are modified by updating expressions. An error is raised if items are returned within a transform expression.
If you want to modify nodes in main memory, you can use the [[Update#transform|transform expression]].
===Original Files===
In BaseX, all updates are performed on database nodes or in main memory. By default, update operations never do not affect the original input file (since {{Version|8.0}}, the info string "Updates are not written back" appears in the query info to indicate this). The following solutions exist to write XML documents and binary resources to disk:
* Updates on main-memory instances of files that have been retrieved via {{Code|fn:doc}} or {{Code|fn:collection}} will be propagated back to disk when the <code>[[Options#WRITEBACK|WRITEBACK]]</code> option is turned on. This option can also be activated on [[Command-Line Options#BaseX Standalone|command line]] via <code>-u</code>. Make sure you back up the original documents before running your queries.
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