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This page talks about ''higher-order functions'' introduced with [[XQuery 3.0]]. The BaseX-specific [[Higher-Order Functions Module]] contains some more additional useful functions.
=Function Items=
Probably the most important new feature in XQuery 3.0 are ''function items'', i. e. , items that act as functions, but can also be passed to and from other functions and expressions, making . This feature makes functions ''first-class citizens'' of the language.
The [[XQuery_3.0#Function_Items|XQuery 3.0]] page goes into details on how function items can be obtained.
| width='120' | '''Signatures'''
|{{Func|fn:filter|$seq as item()*, $pred as function(item()) as xs:boolean)|item()*}}<br /><font color='gray'>fn:filter($pred as function(item()) as xs:boolean, $seq as item()*) as item()*</font>
| '''Summary'''
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