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This page is part of the Getting Started Section. It gives you an overview of the hotkeys available in the GUI of BaseX.


Editor Shortcuts

The text editor can be used to create, edit, save and execute XQuery expressions, XML documents and any other textual files.

Custom Editing

Description Win/Linux Mac
Performs Code Completions Ctrl Space Ctrl Space
Sort lines Ctrl U ⌘ U
Format code (experimental) Ctrl Shift F ⌘ Shift F
(Un)comment selection/line Ctrl K ⌘ K
Delete complete line Ctrl Shift D ⌘ Shift D

Standard Editing

Description Win/Linux Mac
Undo recent changes Ctrl Z ⌘ Z
Redo recent changes Ctrl Y ⌘ Shift Z
Cut selection Ctrl X
Ctrl Delete
⌘ X
Copy selection to clipboard Ctrl C
Ctrl Insert
⌘ C
Paste from clipboard Ctrl V
Shift Insert
⌘ V
Select All Ctrl A ⌘ A
Delete character left of cursor Backspace Backspace
Delete character right of cursor Delete Delete (fn Backspace)
Delete word left of cursor Ctrl Backspace Alt Backspace
Delete word right of cursor Ctrl Delete Alt Delete
Delete text left of cursor Ctrl Shift Backspace ⌘ Backspace
Delete text right of cursor Ctrl Shift Delete ⌘ Delete


Description Win/Linux Mac
Jump to next error Ctrl . (period) ⌘ . (period)
Jump to currently edited file Ctrl J ⌘ J
Go to line Ctrl L ⌘ L
Find and replace text Ctrl F ⌘ F
Find next instance of text F3
Ctrl G
⌘ F3
⌘ G
Find previous instance of text Shift F3
Ctrl Shift G
⌘ Shift F3
⌘ Shift G


Description Win/Linux Mac
Move one character to the left/right ←/→ ←/→
Move one word to the left/right Ctrl ←/→ Alt ←/→
Move to beginning/end of line Home/End ⌘ ←/→
Move one line up/down ↑/↓ ↑/↓
Move one screen-full up/down Page ↑/↓ Page ↑/↓ (fn ↑/↓)
Move to top/bottom Ctrl Home/End ↖/↘ (⌘ ↑/↓)
Scroll one line up/down Ctrl ↑/↓ Alt ↑/↓

Code Completions

The GUI editor provides various code completions, which simplify the authoring of complex XQuery applications. Opening elements, comments, quotes or brackets will automatically be closed, and new lines will automatically be indented. If the shortcut for code completions is pressed, the keys listed in the following table will be replaced with their corresponding values. An underscore indicates where the cursor will be placed after the replacement:

Key Value
.. parent::node()
. self::node()
// /descendant-or-self::node()/
/ root()
@ attribute
an ancestor::
as ancestor-or-self::
copy copy $_ :=
cr &xD;
ch child::
ct contains text
de descendant::
ds descendant-or-self::
declnl declare option output:item-separator "
declns declare namespace _ = "";
delete delete node _
dump prof:dump(_)
fo following::
for for $_ in
fs following-sibling::
function declare function _() {
group group by $_
import import module namespace _ = "";
Key Value
insert insert node _ into
let let $_ :=
module module namespace _ = "";
nl &xA;
ns namespace
order order by _
pa parent::
pr preceding::
ps preceding-sibling::
rename rename node _ as
replace value replace value of node _ with
replace replace node _ with
some some $_ in
switch switch(_)
  case return
  default return
trace trace(_ , 'Info: ')
try try {
} catch * {
typeswitch typeswitch(_)
  case return
  default return
variable declare variable $_ := ;


Global Shortcuts

The following shortcuts are available from most GUI components:

Description Win/Linux Mac
Jump to input bar F6 ⌘ F6
Jump to next/previous panel Ctrl (Shift) Tab Ctrl (Shift) Tab
Increase/Decrease font size Ctrl +/- ⌘ +/-
Reset font size Ctrl 0 ⌘ 0
Description Win/Linux Mac
Browse back/forward Alt ←/→
⌘ ←/→
Browse one level up Alt ↑ ⌘ ↑
Browse to the root node Alt Home ⌘ Home

Menu Shortcuts

The following commands and options are also linked from the main menu:


Description Win/Linux Mac
Create new database Ctrl N ⌘ N
Open/manage existing databases Ctrl M ⌘ M
View/edit database properties Ctrl D ⌘ D
Close opened database Ctrl Shift W ⌘ Shift W
Exit application Ctrl Q ⌘ Q


Description Win/Linux Mac
Create new tab Ctrl T ⌘ T
Open existing file Ctrl O ⌘ O
Save file Ctrl S ⌘ S
Save copy of file Ctrl Shift S ⌘ Shift S
Close tab Ctrl W, Ctrl F4 ⌘ W, ⌘ F4


Description Win/Linux Mac
Toggle query/text editor Ctrl E ⌘ E
Toggle project structure Ctrl P ⌘ P
Find files Ctrl H ⌘ Shift H
Toggle result view Ctrl R ⌘ R
Toggle query info view Ctrl I ⌘ I


Description Win/Linux Mac
Open preference dialog Ctrl Shift P ⌘ , (comma)


Description Win/Linux Mac
Toggle map view Ctrl 1 ⌘ 1
Toggle tree view Ctrl 2 ⌘ 2
Toggle folder view Ctrl 3 ⌘ 3
Toggle plot view Ctrl 4 ⌘ 4
Toggle table view Ctrl 5 ⌘ 5
Toggle explorer view Ctrl 6 ⌘ 6


Description Win/Linux Mac
Show Help F1 F1

Additionally, the names of HTML entities will be converted to their Unicode representation (as an example, Auml will be translated to ä).


Version 7.8.2
  • Added: Sort lines (Ctrl-U)
Version 7.8
Version 7.5
  • Added: go to line (Ctrl F)
Version 7.3
  • Added: delete complete line (Ctrl Shift D), jump to highlighted error (Ctrl .)