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| width='120' | '''Signatures'''
| width='120' | '''Signatures'''
|{{Func|rest:init||empty-sequence()}}<br/>{{Func|rest:init($update as xs:boolean)||empty-sequence()}}
|{{Func|rest:init||empty-sequence()}}<br/>{{Func|rest:init|$update as xs:boolean|empty-sequence()}}
| '''Summary'''
| '''Summary'''

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This XQuery Module contains helper functions for the RESTXQ API, some of which are defined in the RESTXQ Draft.


  • The module will be available if the basex-api library is found in the classpath. This is the case if you use one of the complete distributions of BaseX (zip, exe, war).
  • All functions are assigned to the http://exquery.org/ns/restxq namespace, which is statically bound to the rest prefix.
  • The http://wadl.dev.java.net/2009/02 namespace is bound to the wadl prefix.
  • If any of the functions is called outside the servlet context, basex:http is raised.

General Functions


Signatures rest:base-uri() as xs:anyURI
Summary Returns the implementation-defined base URI of the resource function.


Signatures rest:uri() as xs:anyURI
Summary Returns the complete URI that addresses the Resource Function. This is the result of rest:base-uri appended with the path from the path annotation of the resource function.


Signatures rest:wadl() as element(wadl:application)
Summary Returns a WADL description of all available REST services.


Template:Mark Argument added.

Signatures rest:init() as empty-sequence()
rest:init($update as xs:boolean) as empty-sequence()
Summary Initializes the RESTXQ module cache:
  • By default, the cache will be discarded, and all modules will be parsed and cached again.
  • If $update is enabled, the background caching behavior is simulated (see PARSERESTXQ): Only updated modules will be parsed.
  • This function should be called if new RESTXQ code is deployed at runtime.


Version 9.4
Version 8.6

This module was introduced with Version 7.7.