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This XQuery Module contains helper functions for the RESTXQ API, some of which are defined in the RESTXQ Draft.


  • The basex-api package must be included in the classpath. This is always the case if you use one of the complete distributions (zip, exe, war) of BaseX.
  • All functions are assigned to the http://exquery.org/ns/restxq namespace. The module must be imported in the query prolog:
import module namespace rest = "http://exquery.org/ns/restxq";
  • In this documentation, the namespace is bound to the rest prefix, and the http://wadl.dev.java.net/2009/02 namespace is bound to the wadl prefix.
  • If any of the functions is called outside the servlet context, the error BXSE0003: is raised.

General Functions


Signatures rest:base-uri() as xs:anyURI
Summary Returns the implementation-defined base URI of the resource function.


Signatures rest:uri() as xs:anyURI
Summary Returns the complete URI that addresses the Resource Function. This is the result of rest:base-uri appended with the path from the path annotation of the resource function.


Signatures rest:wadl() as element(wadl:application)
Summary Returns a WADL description of all available REST services.


Signatures rest:init() as empty-sequence()
Summary Initializes the RESTXQ module cache. This function should be called after RESTXQ modules have been replaced while the web server is running, and if PARSERESTXQ is not set to 0.


Version 8.6

This module was introduced with Version 7.7.