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Welcome to the Query Portal, which is one of the [[Main Page|Main Sections]] of this documentation. Here you can find more information on performing XPath and XQuery requests. Apart from standard features, BaseX offers numerous extensions, which are listed on this page.
#REDIRECT [[XQuery]]
* [[XQuery 3.0]]: supported features of the upcoming [http://www.w3.org/TR/xquery-30/ XQuery 3.0] and  [http://www.w3.org/TR/xpath20/ XPath 2.0] Recommendations
* [[Packaging]]: Based on the [http://expath.org/modules/pkg/ EXPath Packaging System]
* [[Full-Text]]: full-text features of XQuery
* [[Update]]: update mechanism of XQuery
* [[Java Bindings]]: how to call Java code from XQuery
* [[XQuery Errors|Errors]]: errors raised by XQuery expressions
* [[Indexes]]: Index structures utilized by the XQuery optimizer
* [[Execution Plan]]: Exemplary query execution plans
==XQuery Functions==
The namespaces of the following function sets are statically bound in BaseX,
i.e., they need not (but may) be declared in the query prolog.
All new XQuery 3.0 functions are [[XQuery_3.0#Functions|all supported by BaseX]].
They are listed in the
[http://www.w3.org/TR/xpath-functions-30/ XQuery 3.0 Functions and Operators] draft.
{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Module
! Description
! Prefix
! Namespace URI
| [[Cryptographic Functions|Cryptography]]
| Cryptographic functions, based on the [http://expath.org/spec/crypto EXPath Cryptograhic] module. <font color='orangered'>Version 7.0</font>
| <code>crypto</code>
| <code><nowiki>http://expath.org/ns/crypto</nowiki></code>
| [[Database Functions|Database]]
| Functions for accessing and updating databases.
| <code>db</code>
| <code><nowiki>http://basex.org/db</nowiki></code>
| [[File Functions|File]]
| File handling, based on the upcoming new version of the [http://expath.org/spec/file EXPath File] module.
| <code>file</code>
| <code><nowiki>http://expath.org/ns/file</nowiki></code>
| [[Full-Text Functions|Full-Text]]
| Functions for performing full-text operations.
| <code>ft</code>
| <code><nowiki>http://basex.org/ft</nowiki></code>
| [[HTTP Functions|HTTP]]
| Sending HTTP requests, based on the [http://expath.org/spec/http-client EXPath HTTP] module.
| <code>http</code>
| <code><nowiki>http://expath.org/ns/http-client</nowiki></code>
| [[JSON Functions|JSON]]
| Parsing and serializing [http://www.json.org JSON documents]. <font color='orangered'>Version 7.0</font>
| <code>json</code>
| <code><nowiki>http://basex.org/json</nowiki></code>
| [[Map Functions|Map]]
| Handling of map structures, based on a preliminary W3C Working Draft.
| <code>map</code>
| <code><nowiki>http://www.w3.org/2005/xpath-functions/map</nowiki></code>
| [[Math Functions|Math]]
| Mathematical operations, extending the [http://www.w3.org/TR/xpath-functions-30/ W3C Working Draft].
| <code>math</code>
| <code><nowiki>http://www.w3.org/2005/xpath-functions/math</nowiki></code>
| [[SQL Functions|SQL]]
| JDBC bridge to access relational databases. <font color='orangered'>Version 7.0</font>
| <code>sql</code>
| <code><nowiki>http://basex.org/sql</nowiki></code>
| [[Utility Functions|Utility]]
| Utility functions, used for data conversions, profiling and dynamic evaluation.
| <code>util</code>
| <code><nowiki>http://basex.org/util</nowiki></code>
| [[XSLT Functions|XSLT]]
| Stylesheet transformations, based on Java’s and Saxon’s XSLT processor.
| <code>xslt</code>
| <code><nowiki>http://basex.org/xslt</nowiki></code>
| [[ZIP Functions|ZIP]]
| ZIP functionality, based on the [http://expath.org/spec/zip EXPath ZIP] module.
| <code>zip</code>
| <code><nowiki>http://expath.org/ns/zip</nowiki></code>

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