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#REDIRECT [[XQuery]]
* [[Full-Text]]: full-text features of XQuery
* [[Update]]: update mechanism of XQuery
* [[Java Bindings]]: how to call Java methods from XQuery
* [[Database Functions|Database]] (<tt>db</tt>): Database-related functions
* [[Full-text Functions|Full-Text]] (<tt>ft</tt>): Full-text functions
* [[Utility Functions]] (<tt>util</tt>): Testing and profiling functions
* [[Math Functions]] (<tt>math</tt>): functions for mathematical operations
* [[File Functions]] (<tt>file</tt>): functions for file handling, inspired by the [http://expath.org/spec/file EXPath File Module]
* [[HTTP Functions]] (<tt>http</tt>): Full-text functions, based on the [http://expath.org/spec/http-client EXPath HTTP Client Module]
Please find all standard XQuery 1.1/3.0 Functions in the [http://www.w3.org/TR/xpath-functions-11/ Official W3C Specification].
*[[Indexes|Overview]]: All indexes and their functionality
==Query Processor==
*[[Analysis & Optimization]]: Queries will be analyzed and optimized on the fly
*[[Execution Plan]]: Execution plans of the queries

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