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The query mode of the Clients allows you to bind external variables to a query and evaluate the query in an iterative manner. The query() function of the Session instance returns a new query instance.


The query execution works as follows:

  1. Create a new session instance with hostname, port, username and password.
  2. Call query() with your XQuery expression to get a query object.
  3. Optionally bind variables to the query with one of the bind() functions.
  4. Optionally bind a value to the context item via context().
  5. Iterate through the query object with the more() and next() functions.
  6. As an alternative, call execute() to get the whole result at a time.
  7. info() gives you information on query evaluation.
  8. options() returns the query serialization parameters.
  9. Don't forget to close the query with close().

PHP Example

Taken from our repository:

<syntaxhighlight lang="php"> <?php /*

* This example shows how queries can be executed in an iterative manner.
* Documentation: http://basex.org/api
* (C) BaseX Team 2005-15, BSD License


try {

 // create session
 $session = new Session("localhost", 1984, "admin", "...");
 try {
   // create query instance
   $input = 'declare variable $name external; '.
     'for $i in 1 to 10 return element { $name } { $i }';
   $query = $session->query($input);
   // bind variable
   $query->bind("$name", "number");
   // print result
   print $query->execute()."\n";
   // close query instance
 } catch (Exception $e) {
   // print exception
   print $e->getMessage();
 // close session

} catch (Exception $e) {

 // print exception
 print $e->getMessage();

} ?> </syntaxhighlight>


Version 7.2
  • Added: context() function