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The following options are available and can be changed using the Set command. Either they can be turned [on]/[off] or a value can be set:

General options

Show internal debug info, usually used for development of new features.
Use main-memory mode. Now all data is stored exclusively in main memory and enables even faster evaluation times, but the data is lost after shut down of BaseX.
timeout [TIME]
Set server timeout in seconds. The timeout describes the maximum execution time of a query at the BaseX server. The timeout is deactivated if TIME is set to 0.
serverport [PORT]
Client/server communication: PORT, used for starting the server.
restport [PORT]
Client/server communication: PORT, used for starting the REST server.
host [HOST]
Client/server communication: HOST, used for connecting new clients.
port [PORT]
Client/server communication: PORT, used for connecting new clients.

Database options

dbpath [PATH]
Set a new database PATH.
Chop all XML whitespace nodes and reduce the memory consumption of the database without lack of information.
Use internal XML parser instead of standard Java XML parser and reduce main memory consumption.
Internal parser parses XML entities.
Internal parser parses a DTD and checks the parsed XML data against the DTD.
Create index for paths and speedup path based queries.
Create index for text nodes and speedup queries querying the entire text of a node.
Create index for attribute values and speedup queries querying attribute values.
Create index for fulltext and speedup queries querying full text.
Create wildcard optimized full text index that is especially tuned for querying full text using wildcards expressions.
Stemm full text tokens before indexing and decrease index size. Should only be assigned for full text queries using stemming, otherwise the full text index could not be assigned for query speedups.
Case sensitive full text indexing, i.e. full text tokens are stored case sensitive and enables the assignment of the full text index for case sensitive queries.
Diacritic sensitive full text indexing, i.e. full text tokens are stored with diacritics and enables the assignment of the full text index for diacritic queries.
language [LANG]
Language for full-text search index, e.g. LANG can be set to English or German.
scoring [MODE]
Precalculation of full text scores and storage within the full text index structure. Enables TF/IDF based scores in full text queries and increases memory consumption while indexing. MODE can be set to 1 for document based scoring, 2 for text node based scoring and 0 for non scoring.
stopwords [PATH]
Specify stop word list at PATH, that could be used e.g. to decrease the full text index size. The standard stopword list (english) is provided at 'etc/xml/stopWords'.
lserror [ERROR]
Levenshtein default error used for fuzzy search with BaseX specialized own FTMatchOption, e.g. ERROR could be 2.
createfilter [FILTER]
Path for filtering xml documents, e.g. FILTER could be '*.xml'.
compress [MODE]
Compress text in database. Activate with setting MODE to 1

Query options

Show (all) process info.
Flag for serialization of query results. I.e. there are any results printed if serialization is turned off.
Serialize query results as XML, i.e. the result output is a valid xml document.
serializer [ARGS]
Serialization parameters ARGS, separated by commas.
exporter [ARGS]
Exporter serialization parameters ARGS, separated by commas.
runs [NUM]
Specify number of runs a query is executed. Results are printed a single time and evaluation times are averages of all runs.
Loading database table into main memory and speedup evaluation times.

Print query options

Create query plans visualized with dotty, see 'plan.dot' file in your project folder.
Compact dot representation.
Display dot representation after query execution.
dotty [PATH]
Program PATH of dotty executable.
Print query plan as xml document.
Create query plan before or after compilation - query plan might change due to optimizations.
Cache the query results.
maxtext [SIZE]
Maximum text size to be displayed, e.g. SIZE could be 1024 for displaying maximal 1024 bytes.
maxstat [NUM]
Set maximum number of index occurrences to print (through the command info index), e.g. NUM could be 15 for displaying fifteen index occurrences.
Write original files back after updates.

DeepFS options

Import file metadata.
Import file content.
Import xml contents.
fstextmax [SIZE]
Maximal size of textual imports, e.g. SIZE could be 1024 for importing less equal 1024 bytes.
Verbose debug informations for file system traversal.
Fuse support.
Spotlight integration on mac platforms, i.e. the spotlight index is used instead of the internal parser implementations.