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This article is part of the XQuery Portal.

In addition to the standard XQuery Functions, BaseX comes with some hundred additional functions, which are packaged in various modules.

The namespaces of the built-in modules are statically bound to their prefix. This means that they need not (but may) be declared in the query prolog.


Module Description Prefix Namespace URI
Admin Functions restricted to admin users. admin
Archive Creating and processing ZIP archives. archive
Array Functions for handling arrays. array
Binary Processing binary data. bin
Caching Organize values in a main-memory cache. Introduced with Version 10 cache
Client Executing commands and queries on remote BaseX servers. client
Conversion Converting data (binary, numeric) to other formats. convert
Cryptography Cryptographic functions, based on the EXPath Cryptograhic module. crypto
CSV Functions for processing CSV input. csv
Database Functions for accessing and updating databases. db
Fetch Functions for fetching resources identified by URIs. fetch
File File handling, based on the latest draft of the EXPath File module. file
Full-Text Functions for performing full-text operations. ft
Hashing Cryptographic hash functions. hash
Higher-Order Additional higher-order functions that are not in the standard libraries. hof
HTML Functions for converting HTML input to XML documents. html
HTTP Client Sending HTTP requests, based on the EXPath HTTP module. http
Index Functions for requesting details on database indexes. index
Inspection Functions for extracting internal module information. inspect
Jobs Organization of running commands and queries. jobs
JSON Parsing and serializing JSON documents. json
Lazy Functions for handling lazy items. lazy
Map Functions for handling maps (key/value pairs). map
Math Mathematical operations, extending the W3C Working Draft. math
Output Functions for simplifying formatted output. out
Process Executing system commands from XQuery. proc
Profiling Functions for profiling code snippets. prof
Random Functions for creating random numbers. random
Repository Installing, deleting and listing packages. repo
SQL JDBC bridge to access relational databases. sql
Strings Functions for performing string computations. strings
Unit Unit testing framework. unit
Update Functions for performing updates. update
User Creating and administering database users. user
Utility Various utility and helper functions. util
Validation Validating documents: DTDs, XML Schema, RelaxNG. validate
Web Convenience functions for building web applications. web
XQuery Evaluating new XQuery expressions at runtime. xquery
XSLT Stylesheet transformations, based on Java’s and Saxon’s XSLT processor. xslt
ZIP ZIP functionality, based on the EXPath ZIP module (soon obsolete). zip

The following modules will be available if the basex-api library is included in the classpath. This will be the case if you start BaseX with one of the startup scripts or links provided by our complete distributions (zip, exe, war).

Module Description Prefix Namespace URI
Geo Functions for processing geospatial data. geo
Request Server-side functions for handling HTTP Request data. request
RESTXQ Helper functions for the RESTXQ API. rest
Session Functions for handling server-side HTTP Sessions. session
Sessions Functions for managing all server-side HTTP Sessions. sessions
WebSocket Functions for handling WebSocket connections. ws