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* More information on XQuery can be found in our [[XQuery|XQuery Portal]]
* [[Full Text]]: full text features of XQuery
* [[Update]]: update mechanism of XQuery
* [[Java Bindings]]: calling of Java methods from XQuery
* [[FN:Database|Database]] (<tt>db</tt>): Database-related functions
* [[Utility]] (<tt>util</tt>): Testing and profiling functions
* [[Math]] (<tt>math</tt>): functions for mathematical operations
* [[File]] (<tt>file</tt>): functions for file handling, inspired by [http://expath.org/spec/file EXPath]
*[[Indexes|Overview]]: All indexes and their functionality
==Query Processor==
*[[Analysis & Optimization]]: Queries will be analyzed and optimized on the fly.
*[[Execution Plan]]: Execution plans of the queries.
=Developer's Guide=
=Developer's Guide=

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Getting Started Guide

Quick Start

Good to know

  • Database & Collection: Basic knowledge about the terms database and collection in BaseX
  • Commands: Commands for managing BaseX and the databases
    • Settings: Overview of all settable options

Advanced Users Guide

BaseX Database Server



BaseX intern

BaseX from extern


Developer's Guide

Information for Developers can be found in our Developer Portal.


see the FAQ here...