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This tutorial is part of the Getting Started Section. It describes how to access BaseX from Eclipse via the oXygen XML Editor plugin. The plugin offers the same features as specified in [Integrating_oXygen]. However, the way to get there from within Eclipse it a little bit different.

Currently, there are two alternatives how to use BaseX in oXygen:

  • Resources in BaseX databases can be opened and modified.
  • XPath/XQuery 1.0 expressions can be run by the query processor of BaseX.
  • Note: BaseX itself is a highly compliant XQuery 3.1 processor. The restriction to XQuery 1.0 arises from the XQJ Interface which is used to establish the connection between oXygen and BaseX. We strongly encourage you to use the XML editor integrated into the BaseX GUI to edit and query your XML data!


  1. Download and install Eclipse. Note: The current version of the oXygen XML Editor plugin was tested for Eclipse Version 4.8.
  2. Follow the instructions in the oXygen Manual to install the plugin.