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==Need help using git?==
==Need help using git?==
For more information please refer to: [http://help.github.com/git-installation-redirect/  GitHub: git Installation Guide]
For information on how to install git on various platforms please refer to: [http://help.github.com/git-installation-redirect/  GitHub: git Installation Guide]

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Using Git to contribute to BaseX

The team uses git and GitHub to manage the source code.

All team members have read+write access to the repository, external contributors are invited to fork the project.

Git makes it easy to retain a full copy of the repository for yourself, to get up and running simply fork BaseX. If forking sounds unfamiliar to you I suggest you go read the GIT#Need_help_using_git.3F Manual.

You can then build BaseX with Maven.

Using Git & Eclipse

  1. (Optional) Head over to BaseX at GitHub and create an account
  2. Fork BaseX so you have a version on your own
  3. Make yourself familiar with git, there are several tutorials around the web
  4. Install egit (Eclipse: Help > Marketplace > Search for egit or get it from here)
  5. Open Eclipse


In the Package Explorer to the left use right-click and choose Import...
Select "Projects from Git" and click Next >


Click "Clone..." to create a local copy of the remote repository. This copy will include the full project history
Copy & Paste the github URI in the Location field. If you want to use SSH make sure you provided GitHub with your public key to allow write-access. If in doubt use the HTTPS URI and authenticate yourself with your GitHub credentials.
Select the master branch (or arbitrary branches you like)
Now choose a location where the local repository is stored: Create <workspace>/repos/BaseX

and click "Finish".

Create the project

Select our newly cloned repository and click Next
Select "Import Existing Projects" and depending on your Eclipse version enable automatic sharing. More recent versions will not offer this feature as sharing is enabled by default.

Click next to select the Project to import

Check "basex" to checkout and click finish
You are now ready to contribute.

Need help using git?


For information on how to install git on various platforms please refer to: GitHub: git Installation Guide