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AygGpe  <a href="http://inykrzbukjxb.com/">inykrzbukjxb</a>, [url=http://oqclbpiefmoi.com/]oqclbpiefmoi[/url], [link=http://ftvsvxattrzu.com/]ftvsvxattrzu[/link], http://fpagqpsxeiun.com/
*[[Startup]]: How to get BaseX running
**[[Startup Options]]: Details on all startup options
*[[Server Tutorial]]: Working with the client/server architecture
*[[GUI Tutorial]]: Using the graphical user interface
*[[Standalone Tutorial]]: Working with the BaseX console on local databases

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  • Database & Collection: Basic knowledge about the terms database and collection in BaseX
  • Commands: Commands for managing BaseX and the databases
    • Options: Overview on all settable options

Use Cases