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Eclipse Integration

BaseX is being developed with the Eclipse environment. Some style guidelines are integrated in the sources of BaseX; they are being embedded as soon as you open the project.

The <a href="">Subclipse Plugin</a> is needed to check out the latest sources from our repository. Next, we recommend to use the <a href="">m2eclipse</a> plugin to add Maven support to Eclipse. Some additional guidelines are defined via Checkstyle and can be integrated with the <a href="">eclipse-cs</a> plugin.

To checkout BaseX, do the following:

  1. File » Import
  2. SVN » Check out Projects from SVN
  3. Use the repository <a href=""></a> and click "Browse"
  4. Choose the project you like:
    1. <a href="">basex</a> is the main project
    2. <a href="">api</a> contains the BaseX APIs (XQJ, XMLDB and bindings in other languages)
    3. <a href="">examples</a> demonstrates some use cases for BaseX
  5. Click Finish

Run BaseX with Eclipse

  1. Press Run » Run…
  2. Create a new "Java Application" launch configuration
  3. Select "basex" as "Project"
  4. Choose a "Main class" (e.g., org.basex.BaseXWin for the graphical user interface)
  5. Launch the project via "Run"

Compile & Run BaseX

If the standalone version of <a href="">Maven</a> is installed, you can run mvn compile in the project directory to compile BaseX.

Type in java -cp target/classes/org.basex.BaseX to run BaseX.

You can launch the following classes, which are all placed in the org.basex main package:

BaseX console mode
BaseXServer server instance, waiting for requests
BaseXClient console mode, interacting with the server
BaseXWin graphical user interface

Moreover, try -h to have a look at the available command-line options. For example, you can evaluate XQuery expressions or process database commands without entering the console.


As BaseX is offered in a Maven repository, you can easily embed it in your own projects. In order to use the BaseX Maven Artifacts, add the following lines to your pom.xml file:


   <name>DBIS Maven Repository</name>


BaseX Artifact




BaseX API Artifact

...including the <a href="" title="XQJ">XQJ</a> and <a href="">XML:DB</a> API: