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Eclipse Integration

BaseX is being developed with the Eclipse environment. Some style guidelines are integrated in the sources of BaseX; they are being embedded as soon as you open the project.

The Subclipse Plugin is needed to check out the latest sources from our repository. Next, we recommend to use the m2eclipse plugin to add Maven support to Eclipse. Some additional guidelines are defined via Checkstyle and can be integrated with the eclipse-cs plugin.

To checkout BaseX, do the following:

  1. File » Import
  2. SVN » Check out Projects from SVN
  3. Use the repository and click "Browse"
  4. Choose the project you like:
    1. basex is the main project
    2. api contains the BaseX APIs (XQJ, XMLDB and bindings in other languages)
    3. examples demonstrates some use cases for BaseX
  5. Click Finish

Run BaseX with Eclipse

  1. Press Run » Run…
  2. Create a new "Java Application" launch configuration
  3. Select "basex" as "Project"
  4. Choose a "Main class" (e.g., org.basex.BaseXWin for the graphical user interface)
  5. Launch the project via "Run"

Compile & Run BaseX

If the standalone version of Maven is installed, you can run mvn compile in the project directory to compile BaseX.

Type in java -cp target/classes/org.basex.BaseX to run BaseX.

You can launch the following classes, which are all placed in the org.basex main package:

console mode
server instance, waiting for requests
console mode, interacting with the server
graphical user interface

Moreover, try -h to have a look at the available command-line options. For example, you can evaluate XQuery expressions or process database commands without entering the console.


As BaseX is offered in a Maven repository, you can easily embed it in your own projects. In order to use the BaseX Maven Artifacts, add the following lines to your pom.xml file:

    <name>DBIS Maven Repository</name>

BaseX Artifact


BaseX API Artifact

...including the XQJ and XML:DB API: