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This page is one of the Main Sections of the documentation. It provides useful information for developers. Here you can find information on various alternatives to integrate BaseX into your own project.

Integrate & Contribute
  • Eclipse: Compile and run BaseX from within Eclipse
  • Git: Learn how to work with Git
  • Maven: Embed BaseX into your own projects
  • Releases: Official releases, snapshots, old versions
  • Translations: Contribute a new translation to BaseX!
Web Technology
  • RESTXQ: Write web services with XQuery
  • REST: Access and update databases via HTTP requests
  • WebDAV: Access databases from your filesystem
  • Clients: Communicate with BaseX using C#, PHP, Python, Perl, C, ...
  • Java Examples: Code examples for developing with BaseX
  • XQJ API: Closed source, implemented by Charles Foster (restricted to XQuery 3.0)
  • XQuery for Scala API, based on XQJ and written by Dino Fancellu
Code, Questions, Bugs
  • The Source Code is available on GitHub.
  • For questions, bug reports and feature requests, please write to our mailing list
  • The Issue Tracker contains confirmed bugs and feature requests.