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This article belongs to the Getting Started Guide. It tells you how to run BaseX in client-server mode from command-line.



The database server handles concurrent read and write transactions, manages user permissions and logs user interactions. It can be started as follows:

  • Run one of the basexserver or basexserver.bat scripts. Use basexserverstop or basexserverstop.bat to gracefully shut down the server.
  • If you have installed BaseX on Windows, click on the BaseX HTTP Server (Start) icon, which will start both the HTTP Server used for Web Applications and the database server. With BaseX HTTP Server (Stop), you can shut down the server process.

By default, the server listens to the port 1984. Pressing Ctrl+c will close all connections and databases and gracefully shut down the server process.

Various command-line options are available to simplify batch processing. The start script can be adjusted for individual purposes (e.g. if the default memory limit is too restrictive).


Database clients are started similarly:

  • Run one of the basexclient or basexclient.bat scripts.
  • Execute the following command: java -cp BaseX.jar org.basex.BaseXClient
  • If you have installed BaseX on Windows, click on the BaseX Client icon.

At startup, you need to enter your credentials. The initial password of the admin user is admin; it can be changed with the PASSWORD command.

For further details, have a look at the command-line options and the start script.


The BaseX command-line client provides similar features to the standalone client. The major difference is that all commands will be executed by the BaseX server instance. As a consequence, paths/URIs to resources need to be resolvable by the server (file contents will not be transfered to the server).

Username and password can also be specified as command-line option. To evaluate commands without entering the console mode, you can use the -c option on the command line:

basexclient -V -Uadmin -Padmin -c "CREATE DB input <example/>; XQUERY /"

Database 'input' created in 13.85 ms.

Parsing: 0.18 ms
Compiling: 0.04 ms
Evaluating: 0.12 ms
Printing: 0.07 ms
Total Time: 0.41 ms

Hit(s): 1 Item
Updated: 0 Items
Printed: 10 Bytes
Read Locking: local [input]
Write Locking: none

Query "user" executed in 0.41 ms.

Language Bindings

If you want to communicate with the database server programmatically, we provide clients for various programming languages.