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This step by step tutorial is part of the Getting Started Guide. It shows you how to run BaseX in client-server mode from a terminal. You can copy and paste all commands to get them running on your machine. After you finished this tutorial, you will be familiar with the basic administration of BaseX. Visit the commands section for a complete list of database commands.


First, launch a Server and Client instance of BaseX: double click on the BaseX Server/Client icons, or run the basexserver and basexclient scripts. Follow this link for more information (or check out the additional command-line options).

Command-Line Client

The BaseX command-line client provides similar features to the Standalone Mode. The major difference is that all commands will be executed by the BaseX server instance. As a consequence, paths/URIs to resources need to be resolvable by the server (file contents will not be transfered to the server).

Username and password can also be specified as command-line option. To evaluate commands without entering the console mode, you can use the -c option on the command line:

basexclient -V -Uadmin -Padmin -c "CREATE DB input <example/>; XQUERY /"

Database 'input' created in 13.85 ms.

Parsing: 0.18 ms
Compiling: 0.04 ms
Evaluating: 0.12 ms
Printing: 0.07 ms
Total Time: 0.41 ms

Hit(s): 1 Item
Updated: 0 Items
Printed: 10 Bytes
Read Locking: local [input]
Write Locking: none

Query "user" executed in 0.41 ms.