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Welcome to our community information page. This is the location to discuss all kinds of editor related information.

About the documentation project

We decided to open the documentation process to our community. To us this is a natural consequence from all the positive experience we made during the last years.

We know,

  • writing good documentation is essential for both our users & developers
  • constant feedback helps improving so please feel free and discuss our articles or file requests for new ones
  • some of you have very profound knowledge of BaseX and its infrastructure. You are very welcome to contribute Articles & Edits.

Where to start

If you have not signed up yet: this is the moment to create your account.

You may now start by either creating articles or choose from a list of pages that might need some maintenance:

About the core team

  • We are a team of software developers and computer scientists living at the Lake Constance in the south of Germany.
  • We have a common history at the University of Konstanz and we all dedicated our academic work to the development of BaseX.
  • We are now excited seeing BaseX applied to so many different areas of production and usage scenarios.
  • Our vision is to make BaseX the most valuable resource for XML processing.